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Monday, May 23, 2005

Apple's iTunes To Carry Podcasts: More thoughts on iTunes support for podcast downloads; read this take from Dan Gillmor. [Bayosphere via MyAppleMenu]
7:27:57 AM    

Podcasting Via iTunes: At this week's upscale "D" conference, Apple CEO Steve Jobs demoed the next version of iTunes (due out within the next month or two) which adds in new podcast downloading and directory services. [Salon Blogs via MyAppleMenu]
7:18:17 AM    

Seattle Gets New Biodiesel Station: Entrepreneurs are kickstarting the economy of recycled oil fuels for converted biodiesel cars. How long will it be before some big fried food franchise realizes their delivery infrastructures can also pick up and recycle used deep frier grease for a new revenue stream? [Biodiesel Blog via Gizmodo]
6:58:12 AM    

Web Visitors Tossing Cookies: More and more often, Web surfers are blocking cookies, preventing some web sites -- especially e-commerce sites -- from functioning correctly. [CNET]
6:43:33 AM    

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